Friday, 5 June 2015


Sir Mr. Hallet (United Province) writes to Marquess of Linlithgow on 19th January 1942, that one very significant point is that Gandhi appears to have definitely nominated Jawaharlal as his successor; in other words he has rather discarded the more reasonable persons in the Congress, such as Rajgopalachary, but of course this does not mean that there will be a split in Congress which will obviously never occur so long as the Mahatma is alive.
He further writes “It also goes to show how correct H.G. Wells was in his reply to Nehru, which appeared in the press, in which he described him as a “shifty politician”, later as Nehru said in a recent telegram to Gandhi quoted by the D.I.B. “it is too sad that at this critical juncture there should be anything leading to confusion in the public mind”. As D.I.B pertinently comments “the confusion exists primarily in his own mind”.

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