Sunday, 7 June 2015


Note on the Tour of the Reforms Commissioner from 8th November to 7th December 1941 to Madras, Orissa, Assam, Bengal, Bihar

The demand for separate electorates from smaller minorities appears to be growing along with their political consciousness. The idea that was pressed on me by representatives of the Justice Party in Madras that non-brahmins should have separate electorates to save them from domination by the brahmins is ridiculous in theory, and the answer in practice is obviously that The Justice Party should improve its organisation and leadership. Majority Hindu opinion is of course, strongly against separate electorates, and it is more often than not that an\y Hindu with whom one talks will begin his observations on the constitutional problem by blaming everything on separate electorates. Nevertheless, there is a widespread recognition encouraged by the official policy of the Congress, that if the Muslims insist on having separate electorates, they must have them.

- Shridev Sharma

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